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Honda K20 Engine Into a 88-91 CRX

General Tech Articles
DOHC VTEC Camshaft Installation
Type-R Head and Piston Swap
Type-R Final Drive Installation
LSD Installation
JDM 4-1 Header Installation
Remote Oil Cooler Installation
Cartridge Oil Filter Installation
Installing an Integra Radiator into a Civic
How to Produce More Power
How to Re-Wire VTEC
Assembling an LS/VTEC
Fixing an Erratic Idle
Building an LS All-Motor Monster
Tech: Engine Mount Solidification
Proper Engine Break-In procedure
Peak / Hold VS Saturated Injectors
How To: Adjusting Cam Gears
How To: Leak Down and Compression Tests
How To Compute The Compression Ratio Of a Motor
ITR Intake Manifold On a B16A SIR2 Head
Torque Vs. Horsepower *** DEAD LINK, will be replacing soon. ***
Honda Injector Flow Rates
Can I Use ITR Pistons In My LS or B16?
How Do I Tell If My Ecu Is For A 5 Speed Or Auto?
What Is a Short Block / Long Block?
Nitrous Oxide FAQ

Turbo Information
Stock Turbo Cars
Static vs. Effective Compression
Detonation 101
OEM Map Sensor And Boost
How To Read Compressor Maps


Ford Probe GT ECU Diagnostics 
Mazda Miata Engine Codes And Engine Comparison
Mazda 4 cylinder Engine History and Interchangability Guide

Engine Installation Guides
Mazda MX-3 SE To Mazda MX-3 ZE


Engine Specs & Models
ECU Part Numbers
ECU Error Codes For 90-94 Models
ECU Compatibility
Power Conversion Tables

Engine Installation Guides
1G 4G63 Turbo Engine Into a 2G Car
RRE VDO Boost Gauge Instructions 
Intercooler Installation Instructions
1G to 2G Eclipse Turbo 4G63 Head Swap

General Tech Articles
How To A Cylinder Compression Test
How To Do A Leakdown Test
Intake & Exhaust Tech
Turbos & Intercooling Tech
Engine & Fuel Tech
Drivetrain Tech
Suspension & Brakes Tech
Dyno Tuning Tech
Electrical & Wiring Tech
Interior & Exterior Tech
Miscellaneous Tech
Torque Vs. Horsepower *** DEAD LINK, will be replacing soon. ***


Nissan Engine Specs
ECU Identification & Trouble Codes
Nissan ECU Error Codes
Turbo Identification
Nissan ECU Identification Chart
N12 and N13 engine specs
SR20 Compression Calculator
Nissan Motor Matrix
S13 Chassis Primer *** DEAD LINK, will be replacing soon. ***
SR20DET Engine Specs *** DEAD LINK, will be replacing soon. ***

Engine Installation Guides
S13 SR20DET into a 1st Gen 240SX
S13 SR20DET into 89-98 240SX
L and Z Block Frankenstein Setups
L and Z Engine Block Info and Specs
Nissan Skyline RB25DET Engine Into A 240SX
300ZX Brake Upgrade 

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Installation Guides
WRX STI EJ20 Conversion

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Decoding VIN Numbers, Chassis Codes, Engine Codes, Code Locations & Engine Specs
All Toyota Engine Codes
Engine Swap Guide
3S-GTE Engine Comparison Chart
3S-GTE Wiring diagrams, ECU/Power Source diagrams & EFI Schematics for the ST205 and SW20
All Toyota Models And Their Corresponding Numbers
All The Turbo Engine Models And Their Specs *** DEAD LINK, will be replacing soon. ***
4A-GE 16V / 4A-GZE / 4A-GE 20V Specifications And Data

Engine Installation Guides
5M-GE to 7M-GTE Installation
7M-GTE to 1JZ-GTE Installation
3S-GTE Installation
3S-GTE Into A FWD Celica

Nationwide Installation/Tuning Shops

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Compact Car Performance
1832 40th Terrace SW
Naples, FL, 34116

New York
Saico Racing
69-20 Coopler Ave
Ridgewood, NY, 11385

WORLD Motorsports
3000 Kutztown Road
Reading, PA, 19605

Extreme Performance
2040 S. Memorial Drive
Racine, WI 53403

Drivable Dreams
12435 Mattawoman Dr.
Waldorf, MD 20601